modular areas
turnkey solutions
free internet wi-fi
24h surveillance
meeting room
free parking
teaching and training rooms
Versatile by nature, PPE has tenants from a diversity of fields of activity: services, business, leisure and industry, including agents, resellers and workshops, among others. Due to the underlying concept and geographical location, it provides the resident companies with a working environment that underscores their dynamic approach and the well-being of its teams.

Offering a variety of turnkey solutions, PPE allows the possibility of readapting the leased (by increasing or reducing the leased area) according to the needs of the client, which, together with the use of services, allows for a simplified business management, free of inflexible physical structures and human resources.

PPE is positioned as an ideal solution for companies and individuals starting up their business activities, as well as representing medium and large companies established in the Portuguese market or abroad.
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